Who we are

Primaterials specializes in the import and trade of raw and secondary materials for food production. With 15 years presence in the food sector, our executives are highly experienced and fully qualified professionals, able to cope with any relevant market need by offering quality products and support services at highly competitive prices, with immediate and personalized customer service.

Innovation, creativity, cost pressures and an ever-changing market environment require continuous evaluation and renewal of suppliers who meet very strict criteria. With long-lasting relationships, international representations and exclusive partnerships with major suppliers abroad, Primaterials is able to provide a wide range of products on the Greek market either directly or after consultation, while continuously enriching its range of products based on new partnerships.

With a broad and rapidly expanding customer base, Primaterials sales team represents a strategic partner for a number of companies involved in the production of yogurt, snacks, bakery products, cheese, etc. Given the healthy and long-lasting relationship Primaterials has established with a large number of major Greek food manufacturing entities, we represent an integral part of their production chain and we are constantly investing in maintaining and developing these relationships even further.

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Development of long-term and strategic partnerships

with a customer-centric focus.

Quality products – Competitive pricing – Personalized customer service

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